About David A Posthuma



David A Posthuma is an Christian author, ministry systems designer, church plant pastor, and church growth consultant.

David’s relevant links include:

  • AssessME.org – David’s online assessment system for mobilizing people into ministry service [ goto ]
  • eChurch Essentials, LLC – David’s business/ministry umbrella for all that he attempts for Christ’s Kingdom [ goto ]
  • eShift.Church – The primary support website for David’s eShift ministry [ goto ]
  • InternetInfluenced.com A support website for the Internet-Influenced Church movement [ goto ]
  • Book: Made for a Mission – The equipping resource for AssessME.org [ goto ]
  • Book: eShift – The decline of attractional church, and the rise of the Internet-Influenced church [ goto ]
  • Blog: eShift – Articles supporting and promoting the Internet-Influenced Church movement [ goto ]
  • Blog: AssessME.org – Articles intended to equip church leaders to mobilize as many people as possible into ministry service [ goto ]

David has served as a church plant pastor and church revitalization pastor since 1990. He also served a national Christian technology company as Director of Product Development and Marketing, designing technology solutions for the church market. Today, David’s primary work has been in human resource assessment development designed exclusively for the church market. His assessments are available at AssessME.org. David’s life mission is to help churches around the world assess, equip, and mobilize as many people as possible into ministry service. Through AssessME.org, David currently fulfills that mission in over 35 countries, and within thousands of churches.

Since 1998, David A Posthuma has not only served as an entrepreneurial pastor, but also a systems designer in the field of online ministry solutions. In 2002, David designed and launched the world’s first online discipleship community called the eChurch Network. David’s online discipleship community preceded social media tools like Facebook and LinkedIn. However, as technology has changed since 2002, David recently decided to shut down the eChurch Network (July 2015). David’s experience pastoring Christ’s Church, and helping churches extend ministry online since 1998, makes David ideally suited to understand how the internet culture is transforming how Christians “do” church. There is now a significant movement away from the Boomer generation’s attractional church method in favor of an internet-influenced church method and culture. David’s book, eShift address that reformation in detail. Consider what other national leaders are saying about eShift….



Dan Webster: Crystal Cathedral, Willow Creek, and Authentic Leadership Inc.
“The church has been choking for decades on the naive assumption that the world hasn’t changed. eShift provides the necessary Heimlich Maneuver to clear her throat so that the fresh air of life and relevance can return. If you are over 40 this writing will be a wake up call. If you are under 25 you will shout Hallelujah that someone has finally stated things as they truly are. Either way, eShift is a gift to the church. Let’s hope it’s one that is opened and applied, not ignored.”


Leonard Sweet: Author, Drew University, George Fox University, Sermons.com
“I expect this book to stir controversy, but of the best sort: Eye-opening and mind-altering perspectives on what it might mean for the church to embrace the internet today as the primary delivery system for learning and faith development as our Protestant ancestors adopted the book as their primary delivery system in the Reformation Church.”


Quentin Schultze: Arthur H. DeKruyter Chair, Calvin College
“eShift challenges us how to think about and practice ministry in the age of digital networking, social media, multimedia technologies, and mobile devices. No one knows exactly where this techno-cultural epoch is heading, but Posthuma invites us to participate in the conversations that will undoubtedly shape how we respond to emerging opportunities.”

Video: Checkout the eShift Video – CLICK HERE


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