CLC Publications Launch eBook Versions of eShift

My latest book, entitled: eShift – The Decline of the Attractional Church and the Rise of the Internet-Influenced Church, launched in e-book format. I am so excited to partner with CLC Publications on the eShift project! Their 73 year history of publishing Christian literature provides an outstanding foundation for eShift’s exploration of how Christ’s Church will minister within a rapidly transforming culture.

For decades now, the North American culture was shaped by television. Television inspired our culture to value entertainment that can be watched passively on a screen. In many of our churches today, the projection of the worship band or the teaching pastor upon a large screen has acquiesced to this long-established cultural norm. However, that “norm” is no longer normative. The passive observation of entertaining characters on a big screen has given way to the values of interactivity, collaboration, and personal mission. It is the invasion of the internet culture and its core values that now supersede the establishment’s beleaguered television values. What is the consequence? The internet-influenced church movement is a counter-culture. Everything we have come to believe about how we “do” church, must be disposed of. It is a tabula rasa…a clean slate…that is needed in our consideration of ecclesiastical methodology. Jesus spoke of the necessity to put new wine into new wine-skins so that the fermenting process would not burst the worn skins. In the same way, we cannot simply use our establishment church-skins and sprinkle-in elements of a counter-culture.

The conversation and exploration of what it means to be an “Internet-Influenced Church” is launched in my book eShift, but continues in my website entitled: Come join the counter-culture.

eBook Purchase Links:
Ipad –
Kindle –
Checkout the eShift Video on YouTube – Click Here


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